Apple iPhone 16GB: A Revolutionary iPhone

If you are searching a latest phone with the marvelous range of features, the new Apple iPhone 16GB may be an ideal choice. The gadget is made by the blending together most modern technologies and has a colorful revealing 16 M TFT multi touchsceen with 320×480 pixles resolution. Apple iPhone 16GB brings a totally new concept in user interface, which is based on a big multi-touch display. The screen is very elegant with a size of 3.5 inches, and you can get a wonderful viewing on that.
You will find this iphone as an exceptional gadget. You can type on its soft keyboard speedily. It has a full QWERTY type keyboard. The battery has talk time of eight hours and lasts for 250 hours in stand by mode. The phone is only 135 grams in weight including its battery. The phone has 115x61x11.6. mm size. This iphone has a most suitable size and shape; also due to its light weight it is convenient to handle it. Apart from this, its trendy screen and attractive case gives it an eye catching look. It is well accepted in the market.

New iphone 16GB from Apple has the best characteristics of a cell phone with 2G networking and a hard disk with 16GB rating. The music system comprises a music player which has a number of assortments of useable formats. The music formats include MP3 player and VBR, WAV, AIFF, secure AAC for audio including MP4, M4V and MOV. The phone has MP3 choice which is the most significant for the possessors of this phone. Apple iPhone 16GB is featured with a wide screen iPod with touch controls. User can store his favorite music and even videos plays in different formats. The widget is equipped with both communication and entertainment features and backup for them. If you own it, you can get brushed up with all the amusement you get with it.

It is revolutionary, gorgeous and exciting iphone which has a camera of 2 mega pixels and 1600×2000 pixels resolution supported with Geo-tagging. You can use it for photography and video recording. It is a multifunctional phone with USB device. You can transfer data to other devices using blue tooth capability in the phone with a wireless connection.

This iphone is an internet communications gadget with web browsing, searching and sending email provisions; you can send SMS and MMS also. You have option to use the speaker facility and can talk with your hands free. The phone is having many incredible features. You can use head phone to listen in privacy. All these features prove that Apple’s iPhone 16GB really is a tremendous multifunctional mobile phone which is integrated with user friendly characteristics.

Apple iPhone 16GB has proven to be a dependable, squashed and proficient iphone for satisfaction of its users.

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