Guide to Creating Tables in Ultima Website

In this guide, I am going to show you how to insert and manage tables in Ultima Website. Tables are used for many things when designing websites. If you need to use tables and are new to Ultima Website, continue reading this guide to learn how to use tables in Ultima Website.
Creating Tables in Ultima Website

Let’s begin with creating your table and then we will go back and edit the table. Click the Table menu at the top of Ultima Website and click the Insert Table option when the menu opens. A box will now open and you will need to change the number of columns and rows you want. Use the arrows to change the numbers to what you want. Then click the OK button to insert it. You will now see your table inserted into your webpage.

Managing Your Table in Ultima Website

Next, I will show you how to manage your table. Let’s start by changing the border and background colors of the table. Right click on the table and click Table Properties in the menu. When the box opens, click the Fill box and select the color you want for your background. Then click the Table Border button and click the color box. Select the color you want and click the OK button. Click OK on that box to apply the colors and close the box.

If you need to insert more rows or columns, follow these steps. Right click in the table to open the menu. In the menu, you will see the insert rows and columns option. Simply click the option of your choice. A box will then open and you will need to set the number in the box to what you want. Click OK when you are finished and the extra cells will be added.

If you need to resize your table, grab the edges of the table and drag it. You can also drag the corners if you want too.

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