HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 Technical Specifications

The HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 was officially announced in February 2009, so this is one of the latest mobiles around and comes in Black and White, you are surely to like one or another.
It is just 11.7cm by 55.7cm and it is 1.71cm thick, compared to other PocketPCs around it is not that big, including the fact that is has a sliding Full QWERTY Keyboard, and although it’s not-so-big it is quite heavy, because it’s 158 grams, which is quite heavy compared to some other PocketPCs around.

It has a very clear TFT touch screen display, showing up to 65K colors (standard for any PocketPC) and in its 3.2inch display you will surely enjoy using it with your thumb (once you get used to the display).

The HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 supports polyphonic, mp3, and wav ringtones, and might support other formats if additional software is installed way better then other common mobiles that usually support low quality AMR/MP3 ringtones, enabling you for a better. It can vibrate while it rings too so you will still be notified when you are receiving calls, even if you can’t listen the mobile ringing and has different modes to select from.

It stores up to practically unlimited phone entries on its built-in memory or SD Card and even supports photo calls which will show a picture when a particular contact is calling you. The PoketPC stores the latest incoming, missed and outgoing phone calls with details like time, duration and date, a standard in every cell phone. Besides it’s 256Mb internal ROM, you can always add a new microSD card to increase storage capacity.

An internet connection on cell phones nowadays is vital, so of course this PocketPC can’t come without a Class 10 GPRS connection, WIFI Support and EDGE up to 236.8kbps.

It comes with v2.0 Bluetooth support (headset support only). And if you want to transfer files from your PC to your PocketPC or vice-versa you can use the USB cable to synchronize the data between the two.

Let’s not forget that is used the all-powerful Android OS, unlike some other PocketPCs that use the Windows OS and you can find a lot of software and games to run on this PocketPC. It runs on a Qualcomm 528MHz processor, more than enough for the power that you might need from a PocketPC.

This PocketPC has a 3.15 MP camera, way better then most other PocketPC that have just a 1.3 or a VGA camera, since PocketPCs are more likely used for business the manufacturers only install low quality cameras in their devices, making this probably one of the top when it comes to camera MP. It can take pictures with up to 2048×1536 pixel resolution. It has the autofocus feature too, unlike other PocketPCs.

It comes with a default MP3 player to play music or watch videos. And it comes with an organizer for your daily appointments, with a browser to browse the internet and it even has GPS capabilities, so you can track where you are.

With this PocketPC you can open many files and if a file is not supported you can always install an application to open that file for you, so there are no limitations.

This PocketPC comes with a standard Li-Ion 1150 mAh battery, and can support up to 5 hours 20 minutes talk time and more than 400 hours in stand-by mode.

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