Mobile Advertising: A Way to Reach Your Consumers

Mobile advertising needs a chance. The push for effective advertising options is tremendous as businesses are looking for ways to reach their consumers while they are on their Blackberry devices, iPhones, etc. What better way to reach your target market than when they are texting or laughing with their friends and feeling relaxed! We need advertising that will become a natural part of this environment. Any savvy marketing individual knows that if you reach the consumer in a natural way – versus the annoying interruptions of television, radio or other traditional media – you have a higher rate of retention and conversion. For this reason, advertising in mobile technology will change and become drastically different in the next year. We’re finally there.
Currently, we are on the edge of a breakthrough in advertising in mobile technology. It’s hot, but it’s been a hot idea for a few years. Corporations and small businesses alike are jumping at the chance to reach people in a more organic setting through their cell phones. And it has to be a way that makes sense – unlike the advertising mobile opportunities of late that are stilted and offer little excitement, limited creativity and no pizzazz, which are the tenants of any good advertising campaign.

The iPhone and its brethren have given technology users a better opportunity to surf, access information, check email, text and place phone calls, but it has limitations that still need to be overcome. Coupled with the iPhone and other mobile devices like it, the question of how to make money and advertise effectively with this mobile technology still exists. Google has almost given up on its mobile advertising efforts for online advertising. Ask them about their mobile advertising platform and they will politely tell you to hold your money for now. Google is turning down money? It’s a good sign that the field has yet to be defined.

But it’s not too late. This is a new field with potential that is calling out to be conquered. The next advances in technology in the next year will transform mobile advertising and its technology. It will be tied to online content and its current online advertising campaign in order to show the exact rate of return on the investment that every marketer now cannot live without. Businesses want results in their advertising. They want to see the impact the advertising has had. And mobile technology is our latest open playing field, the latest version of the Wild Wild West that once described the entire online advertising space. It’s here. It’s ready to be conquered in 2009.

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