Tips for Using an Electric Car Conversion Kit

Converting electric cars from conventional automobiles is possible using electric car conversion kit . The cost of this kit and the technology is affordable and also one can easily convert his/her car into an electric car.
Required Things:

Conversion kit

Angle iron pieces


Jack stands


Socket wrench and socket set


Engine lift

Heat gun


Volt meter


Torque wrench

Circular saw

Soldering iron


Hack saw

Here are some tips for using an electric car conversion kit:

1. Check that you are having all the things which are required for conversion. Also check that you are having a budget of about $3000 including the tools, conversion kit and batteries. Also make sure that you have facilities to charge your vehicle after the completion of conversion.

2. Remove all the nuts and bolts which are connecting engine to the car. Also take out the gas tank, exhaust system, radiator system, hoses, emission wires and fuel lines. Recycle the metal parts if possible, or sell it to scrap dealer. But keep clutch, flywheel and transmission parts with you as these parts are required for conversion.

3. Paint and degrease the compartment of engine. A clean space will be required for the conversion kit.

4. Now, installation of electric motor will be done and its transmission is made with spacer ring and aluminum adapter. Join the motor shaft hub to the flywheel by the help of screws. Bolt the adapter plate and spacer plate and join the flywheel to hub of electric motor with the help of bolts. After that join the clutch with flywheel and check that all bolts are correctly tightened.

5. The motor is now lowered to the bay of engine and joined to the transmission with bolt. Now, tires are rotated after putting the car in gear such that the shaft of motor also rotates.

6. Now, heater pump will be installed. The installation will differ according to the type of conversion kit.

7. Do welding of mounts and braces perfectly to make the position of engine secure. Securely position the electric car system components near to the motor in such a way that the controller, contactor, pot box and DC-DC converter are closely positioned and wiring is done according to kit’s directions of your.

8. A battery box should be installed in the trunk to protect the fumes to enter into sitting compartments of vehicle.

9. Wear the specialized gloves to protect your hands while working.

10. Be sure to check the current before dealing with any electrical system.

Citation: and my own work

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