Website Design: Additions for Your Website

Q: What would be some add-ons that should be used on a website?
A: Add-ons that enhance the visitors interaction on your website is always a key item to have on your website. Allowing your visitors to have participation with your website for more information, contacting the website owner, entertainment, and certain types of downloads, can enable you to draw repeat visits from website traffic.

Website add-ons are some of the easiest things to add to your website next to text and website color. Most add-ons do not require any software installations for the website owner. The add-ons you use, should be consistent with your website and its content.

The most popular add-ons to Web sites are as follows:

Forums or Bulletin Boards: Forums or bulletin board allows your visitors to join in discussions on topics of interest to your visitors, ask questions about products or business sites, or even exchange ideas. This type of add-on can become a community of it’s own from your website, thus driving traffic to your website for those who frequent this type of internet community.

Chat: Chat sites on your website can also allow you and your visitors to interact about the content of your website. Chat rooms are also another internet community that many people visit and gains traffic to your website.

Calenders: Calenders can allow you to post events that will be happening with your business or products.

Shopping Cart: Shopping carts can allow your visitors to make purchases directly from your website. Shopping carts also calculates the subtotals, taxes and totals, and shipping charges for you and your customers with little to no hassle. Shopping carts can, also, once the transaction is completed, send the order to your shipping department or your email address for quicker service, send a receipt to your customer.

Surveys: These can give you valuable feedback from your visitors from asking their opinions.

Subscribe Boxes: Allowing visitors to subscribe to receive newsletters, more information on services and products, or updates from your site are another beneficial way to get your visitors to interact on your website.

Contact Information: You should at a minimum have your contact email address on your website, so that your visitors can contact you with any questions that they should have. The next information that you should have, are a physical mailing address and a contact phone number or an instant messenger.

Counters: Counters that have visitors tracking software should be used for monitoring where your traffic is coming from.

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